Resonant Velocity

The poetics of Light


Sometimes I think I can paint this picture with words. This blog is my messy canvass. Trying to group together insights, they continue to fly off in their own ever changing directions…but it is  good exercise  chasing them around.


Consider that every living thing on the planet perceives of itself entirely in the present moment … except perhaps us … human beings. This is a simple but radical statement.

Think about it….

We are the only sentient life form, sentient meaning able to perceive or feel things, that perceives in a perceptual reality organized by Time. Our thoughts and feelings often dwell in re-living the past, or project into a possible future looking for evidence. We often entirely skip the present in favor of either of these virtual time zones.

Simply considering that a substantial portion of the human population is at any one moment perceptually absent…

What effect

Is this one lone factor

Having on our world?

We need to determine how to reconcile that we have created, and are operating in, an entirely different physical and spiritual perceptual reality than the rest of organic life.

So imagine for a moment that you are two weeks old….

A new sensation is lightly touching you, barely there. Your tongue darts out to taste it.  It makes your eyes narrow and your nose widens to catch a new sensation that you want to taste. You instinctively wonder if you can see what it is, so you turn your head. A kaleidoscope of green surrounds you. And then … too bright… so you close your eyes and feel everything pour into your skin. You have just met the sun and a warm breeze for the first time.

We are born and come into this world as integrated physical and spiritual beings in perfect reciprocity with the animate earth. Our perception of the world around us is informed by our physical senses and a spiritual resonance with all of organic life.

We begin our lives perceiving a world of multiple intelligences, experiencing each new form of life we meet with the simple understanding that we are also being observed by the object of our observation, which may be very different from us.

As we mature in age our perception becomes complicated by cultural considerations. Our access to evolving and differing philosophies, scientific knowledge, our economies, our technical skills, our religions, our spiritual paths, language, the arts… remain available to us over centuries of human endeavor.

There is much to inform us as to who we are, and where our place is, within the human fabric of our lives.

In all of these influences there has grown a parallel tendency, continually reinforced by cultural consensus, to give individual definition to mental, emotional, spiritual or physical “selves”.

Some of us even have preferences as to which “self” we most identify with. We are intellectuals or scholars. We prefer the artistic or emotional life of the senses. Our spiritual paths define us. We feel we “drive our bodies” around like cars, or conversely, the shape or condition of our bodies becomes our emotional calling card.  We have been habituated to regard our bodies as only a vehicle for our “souls”.

As we so implicitly understood as an infant, however, human perception is neither mentally seated, nor emotionally promoted.

Human perception is elegantly physical.

This concept may be difficult to encompass in a worldview that promotes hierarchy and separation. How can perception, which seems of a more rare, more refined essence than mere physicality, bypass both the mental and emotional powerhouses to be seated in the physical?

It is in the nature of living that we are given opportunities to heal our personal vulnerabilities. We then have the ability to use and to share the strengths we are gathering.

It is also becoming clearly understood that whenever mental and/or emotional dominance becomes the norm, causing a perceived separation within the self, there are physical implications in both health and healing. These personal imbalances, however, are more significant than we suspect.

In a self-balancing, spiritually and physically reciprocal organic system, all aspects of life are equally relevant, equally important in maintaining a healthy equilibrium.

When, as human beings, we personally maintain a healthy balancing of our own thoughts and emotions into an integrated physicality, a physicality not weighted by the separation of a mental or emotional preoccupation, this personal work is the most basic and essential human contribution a person can make to the balancing of the whole. 

Cognizance of a physical perceiving teaches us how to spiritually participate in the balancing resonance of creation. It is uniquely personal and a matter of listening and trust.

It is also radical proof that we are not helpless. Our efforts are not investments to be counted up and rewarded in some later manifestation of acquired goodness, or swept away as meaningless in the tides of indifference. All our personal efforts towards physical and spiritual integration are needed. Every personal effort is integral in the finely tuned web of life.


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Early on in the dialogues I was asked to discontinue personifying Divinity, to simply forgo any ideas or images of the Divine that I had entertained in my lifetime. To resist giving “my God” gender or attributes. To resist placing “my God” in space, thus separating myself.

This spiritual practice is to surrender solely to relationship. Changing our linguistic patterning assists in altering perception.  Divinity shifts from a conceptual noun, having definition, to becoming a verb.

In our day to day reality …

Divinity becomes the perpetual now of life’s becoming.



It was easy giving up god-ness

once it was explained


First you told me

There are no chosen ones

if you understand

there is no end

there was no beginning

we are all equal

in this moment


Which took me off the hook


Then you said

Get over naming me

It can’t be done

 Love is a verb

So just stop trying.

Be a verb



So I uncluttered my altar

But you say that prayer is still important

and I’m left wondering what this means


Then the flowers and the bees

shared their intelligence

and told me

It’s no secret that

the singularity

of the frequency and structure

of light

is more

than I’ve ever allowed imagining.


I’m sharing an excerpt from the book I’m working on now. It is a huge endeavor and I have this winter to put it all together. Come spring I’m back working with my plant friends and being a nanny to my grandson, with little opportunity for anything but editing a first draft.

My relationships on WordPress, and all the practice writing, has made this endeavor possible! I’m so grateful to everyone.

This seems a fitting entry for this sacred season. I think of these ideas not as denying anything. Rather it is embracing the birth of a human perception based on relationship rather than the structures of Time.

I wish you all a blessed season in whatever way you celebrate the return of Light.


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Being continually surrounded by the long held conclusions of a consensus reality,  I find the surest, most realistic terrain for exploration is my own internal landscape. Then when we share our personally inspired journeys through these fertile fields, the warp and weft of consensus tilts and shifts… each one of us holding a unique piece of the puzzle.

Through practice I’ve come to understand how the balancing of my thoughts and emotions are necessary for a  perceptual equilibrium. It is also not difficult to self-observe what occurs physically when this is not the case. Also, how more easily I am present in my life, whether the circumstances of my life are difficult or pleasant, when this equilibrium is maintained.

So it is the active balancing of mind and emotion that seats perception in our bodies. Here we are, once again, talking about verbs.

Perception, through all our senses,

is a physical action of becoming

in a perpetual now



a mental state

of applied measuring of observation.

We fully realize there is no such thing as an observer.

In this continual balancing of thoughts and emotions into an integrated physical awareness, the issue that comes into focus is energy.  I am always aware of my physical and spiritual energy. It is as if the concerns of personal energy hold as much weight as the concerns of maintaining health. Energy, a balanced equilibrium, and health. How can they be separated?

So now I turn to the way energy is regarded, how we perceive energy.  Energy and the obtainment of energy is in large part the basis of the economics of our current civilization. Without available sources of energy we’d cease to function.  We have been depleting the limited resources of fossil fuels available and doing a poor job of working with nuclear energy. Who would not be on the side of developing renewable resources such as solar, hydro or wind as it fosters a responsible transference of energy?  However, in either case, renewable or the use of  nuclear and fossil fuels, energy is considered a commodity.

Science has also measured different types of energy such as kinetic, mechanical, potential, chemical, thermal or electromagnetic, etc. Here the attempt is at understanding the workings of what are considered energy systems.

In contrast, I’m familiar with my personal energy that I have experienced over a lifetime.

When energy is a commodity, as in processed or harnessed energy, or an equation in specific measurement, as in the various types of energy, we are perceiving energy as a neutral force. The different types of energy may have determinable “laws” but we think of energy as being as neutral as the force of gravity. We either collect, harness and process it, or we measure it.

However, on this blog we’ve been considering the idea that energy at the sub-atomic level is self-contained. This is a very different way of looking at energy.

In attempting my own understandings I rely on my personal experience. Having raised my own food for many years and experiencing a seed to mouth relationship, and then by going on a simple grocery shopping trip, it is easy to see that food has become an abstract commodity.  Many have lost the most basic reference and connection to life and to living on this planet. This most fundamental transfer of physical energy is overshadowed by convenience and production. Dangerously, and most likely for generations to come, the wildly destructive results of the attempts of those who would choose to genetically modify life forms is becoming a human imprint and our children’s inheritance.

Physical energy is perceived as not shared with another life form sustaining us, but acquired. The most important factor, however, is that when energy is perceived as a desirable, but neutral force, the reasonable perspective is that it is considered responsible and desirable to manipulate this force for our needs.

But what is energy? Is it just a force like gravity?

If we want to understand what it means that at the sub-atomic level energy is self-contained, we then also need the container. This individuates energy.  Individuated energy must have some commonality at the sub-atomic level. So what is this something that has both substance (container) and energetic velocity (movement)?

Quantum physics tells us that light is both a particle (container) and a wave (movement).

Can we imagine that this self-contained energy, which is light, exhibits at various frequencies defining itself?  Is it possible to allow that at the sub-atomic level everything in Nature including human beings are

 different frequencies of light?


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I derive a great deal of insight from the comments made on this blog. It is stretching and maturing my experience of inspiration. Some relationships have been growing since the very beginning of this blog. Now and again a new voice appears. I’m deeply grateful to everyone.

With all of this generous input, I am gaining a deeper understanding of the material. It is becoming cohesive enough that I’ve begun to edit and piece it together into a presentable whole. Thanks in great part to your inspiration I am writing a book, good people, but this blog remains the sandbox.

Today I want to bring together a few of the concepts we’ve been playing with. We’ve been dancing around the idea that perception is physical….not mentally seated, nor emotionally promoted but elegantly physical. Perception is blood, bones, organs, muscles, skin, brain…..

With this understanding it is becoming clearer that it is not only to our advantage but ultimately our personal responsibility to balance our thoughts and emotions into an integrated physicality.  This physical responsiveness represents a balanced perception not weighted by mental and/or emotional preoccupation.   This process is referred to as individuation, a Jungian term, but could just as well be called spiritual maturation. It is a non-linear process, does not follow a time line, even though we recognize certain physical milestones. It is unique and individual and simply can not be measured.

This includes the integration of our memories that are stored, not just in the amygdala, hippocampus and other areas throughout the brain, but stored in cellular memory held in any personally relevant area of the body…the tensions, the sufferings, but also the joys of living. With the possibility that memory is also weighted by whatever unresolved suffering we may have carried into life with us to be healed by a responsiveness to the immediacy of whatever we entertain in this life.

We are individually beginning to let go of the idea of areas of specialization, areas of knowledge, that have made it easier to find small answers that are unfortunately held as larger truths. These small answers seemingly prove  to us that we are progressing in knowledge but they keep us from complete understandings. Small answers that promote the idea that we are complex organisms separate and superior to all other life forms.  That within ourselves, the best we can do is cultivate our own emotional or intellectual flavor. That those with the most means are best able to dress this self chosen persona in the wardrobe of their own choosing. The best of us are thought to be the most expert at this continual re-purposing for a desired end result and are lauded for this creativity in the hierarchy of human existence.

We have lightly touched on the nature of insight, primarily by reflecting on our own relationship to insight as we have worked out our response to the ideas being proposed. It is a fair assumption, I think, that we all feel a spiritual source as the basis of inspiration, despite its situational origin.

I would like to propose that, in the highest sense, the abilities of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience are actually the physically developed channels of inspiration. That these abilities are not selective but are available to anyone. That we don’t have a language to describe this experience, nor has it been recognized as such because everyone’s experience of it is uniquely their own relationship.  It may be helpful to view inspiration as a verb, an action, and that another way of embracing the idea of inspiration is resonance. When we are inspired we are resonating….

In piecing these ideas together into a whole understanding we might simply say that as perception is physical, inspiration is physical and spiritual. Inspiration, which is physical and spiritual, also flows freely between people, as well as between humans and Nature, because awareness is holographic. Awareness which is holographic is resonating communication in a spiritually intelligent world.



artist: Bill Gingles


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It was a small room with couches and chairs pulled together around an amorphous center so not everyone was angled evenly with a view of everyone else. The prime seats were shepherded by the regulars, those that had been meeting for a few years together in this discussion group, at various venues around the city. This was the first meeting in the back room of this particular coffee house, thus the haphazard arrangement.

There were about thirty people present, I among them, for a second time with this group. The topic of discussion this evening was “memory”.  Most of the people attending were in the health field, counselors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists. They quickly ran through the medical and technical aspects of what is known and recorded about memory, the effects of aging, of disease.

Memory has always interested me because my memories are full bodied and tuned to my senses, but sometimes quirky. Taking the floor when it was my turn, I mentioned that I have what seems, to me, to be a memory anomaly.  At odd moments, and for no reason I’ve been able to determine, I’ll remember a geographical place I’ve noticed, while riding in a train for instance, totally random but full of the feeling of the atmosphere surrounding the moment. All the places remembered are quick interlopers, and surprisingly unsolicited, with no bearing on the moment. Just a little weirdness. Turns out, everyone had a little weirdness.


Interest was piqued and we all described our own personal relationship with memory. As each of us gave our descriptions, it became increasingly apparent how entirely different and unique our personal relationship was to our own memory. There was a variety of experience in how much each of us actually remembered, but more interesting was the very individual process of memory. We were all surprised by the wide range of diversity because we had all assumed that, since memory is a shared human quality, it’s characteristics were relatively the same for everyone and relevant solely to the capacity for memory.

It was a fun discussion and I wish I remembered it in more detail. My memory is geared more towards remembering the “forest” instead of the details of the separate trees, except for those momentary flash memories I described above.


My thoughts in telling this story is to highlight how unique each person is. We obviously share commonalities as human beings but our sensate response to situations, our emotional involvement, our thoughts, are as varied as each person alive. Understanding complexity has a great impact on approaching a realistic and workable understanding of human nature and healing. As we explore our relationship with the collective unconscious, it is a necessity that a continual regard for complexity guides our considerations.

We will begin to understand that there are times and situations when human beings, collectively and/or individually, may have a standardized reaction to a situation, but at any single moment, which can not be determined, there is the possibility of personal response and engagement beyond the cause and effect of circumstance.


Wood sculptures of Bruno Walpoth


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The Familiar Ghost – part two


As you may have already surmised, if you’ve been following along, my tendency is to take things as they are presented when engaging in non-ordinary reality. I’ll ask a few questions if the possibility presents itself, but what would I be basing my understanding on?

To continue my story…

By now I had moved to a small city in the Blue Ridge mountains, moved away from my beloved piece of land, and was involved with the training necessary for engaging as an Intuitive. It was simpler during this time, more self-directed.

Naturally because of my previous experience with the Familiar Ghost I was curious about the Spirits of the Dead and often asked permission to open up the topic for discussion. Over and over it was made clear that all I needed to know was that my training, in adherence to the strict rules of procedure, was also in place to allow working with the collective unconscious without interference from the Spirits of the Dead.

My Familiar Ghost was now a memory but I still had a great many questions, and it seemed it was going to remain this way.

As I continue to learn though, life is the teacher.

There is a time in the maturing of a woman when there is a great opportunity for the pond of her life to clear. It may clear of an algae bloom from the over stimulation of nurturing, or the muddying of non functioning relationship, or anything else that is needed. During this time in my life I wrote poetry for the first time, poems of real intimacy of emotion and oddly, of situations I wasn’t currently familiar with… but I was becoming accustomed to this.  The subject of reincarnation had already been discussed in my work as an intuitive. I knew of a few of the lives I’d lived before but hadn’t felt their personal relevance, only that now I had to incorporate the idea of reincarnation. With these poems though, I was becoming substantially more involved, but I had no idea what this work of delving into my own past lives would eventually ask of me.

One afternoon, as I was working in Contemplative Resonance, the topic proposed was about a life I knew I’d lived on the North American continent … and then, there I was … physically experiencing the memory of the physical abuse I had endured at the hands of my Familiar Ghost.

This is difficult to describe. Perception is physical and, with this embedded memory I had carried into this life, I now felt myself, in what I imagine, must have been psychic shock. It felt as if my molecules were dispersing rapidly and I needed to somehow hold on to them. I felt my hands that had been rendered useless and my eyes blinded, but what I felt most of all in this cacophony of experience was the blatant indifference to suffering that had made it possible for someone to do this to me…to anyone.

In my shock I instinctively closed communication and walked out into the world. I walked among the living crowds of chatter and color for a few hours until my eyes cleared and I could see again…for I had been psychically blinded.

It is interesting to note that I felt absolutely no emotion towards the revelation that my antagonist had been my Familiar Ghost. This conundrum was a personal one. And it had, and has to do, with my life and my work now.

Over time, the memories of this past life itself come back to unknowingly haunt me, giving negative “weight” to my own thoughts, my own emotions. Each time as I reach some resolution I learn a little more about this other life.  I know a great deal about the time spent as a captive of my Familiar Ghost, who was a Bear medicine man. I know I bore him twin sons born of rape, that I intuitively knew more about the physical medicine he practiced. That I was depended on for, but distrusted because of, this ability. I know that I watched people die in his careless hands and was then mutilated for intervening.

I know that I survived a raid on this tribe and was spared for superstitious reasons…a blind woman in a medicine tent. I know that I lived for days, weeks, the turning of a moon I couldn’t see and the brush of the startled wings of the feeders on the dead and decomposing, because I knew where the food stores were hidden.

That I lived out my life, after rescue and return to my own people, as a ceremonial singer.

I learned that I struggled to survive the imagined images of this experience, conveyed by my other senses, which were worse than being sighted,  the “place” I felt it kept me in, with the cognizance of the evil intent behind these acts. They became an archetypal metaphor embedded in the fiber of my being…carried from life to life.

It is not a wonder to me that we shy from considerations of death, from the suffering and the dying. In a world of indifference … we have all seen too much.

Through all this I truly felt nothing towards this ghost in past life memory, or even during his appearance in this life. But it did occur to me that, though I had never asked for a specific time period for this past life, my impression is that it occurred hundreds of years ago. I think about this…wandering without substance in a grayed limbo for so long. The story of the Familiar Ghost, however, wasn’t over yet.

Now the work in Contemplative Resonance had become more strict, more serious. It was no longer self directed. One time while working I was told to see something, so I “looked” but wasn’t seeing anything until…..there was my Familiar Ghost. And he was turning into … light.

Even now I am emotional remembering this moment. But why was I there? I felt I was there as witness but why? It is just as I write this, that I think I am beginning to understand.

In the Divine universe everything, everyone is equal. It has to be this way. I spent a very long, hard winter learning the symptomology of the Healing Path of Indifference as it solidifies within a person gaining gravity and becoming more and more subject to its own cause and effect.  In many ways this energy still dominates our world. Until this day I have found it difficult to comprehend how indifference, and the evil and insanity it promotes, could ever possibly be relative to a Path of Healing. But writing this I can see how in many ways my odd relationship with my Familiar Ghost contributed to my own healing.  I have also been witness to his return to light. The ways of the world are most mysterious and there’s an answer in here somewhere.


Peace to all on this Day of the Dead…All Hallows Eve




The familiar ghost – part one



Tis the season of ghosts, hauntings, spirits and vampires. In the spirit of the season in the next few posts I’m going to seemingly contradict my last post.  How can a person be haunted or “possessed” of a spirit, if indeed, energy at the sub-atomic level is self contained?

These Spirits of the Dead, who inhabit the collective unconscious and roam freely in the human dream scape, have no human substance, but they still resonate to varying degrees with the human frequency. Their light is dimmed by lack of substance but the most confused, or the most indifferently stubborn, can interject their needs on the living.

We’ll understand the reasons for this in the coming posts as we explore the collective unconscious, but for now, Bwaaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa…I’d like to share this story.


The Familiar Ghost

I began dreaming of bears. Singular bears that would find me, follow me. There wasn’t much else to the dreams except a heightened feeling, which was far more intense than my normal dreams.

At the time I was living on a tract of marginal, virgin land that had only been used for grazing sheep. Most of the fourteen acres was darkly forested with a deep gulley of cascading waterfalls. Every day I worked the land clearing and gardening. Even in winter, there was tree trimming and brush burning to do. I began propagating 100’s of seedlings inside, in the icy cold of February. I loved this piece of land and felt protective of it. It was in early fall when the bear dreams started.

I was sick that winter. A low grade fever would come over me every afternoon. I waded my way through making bread, hauling firewood, the chores of homesteading, crafting the bowls and gourd rattles I sold on commission  around the country. My daughters would come home from school on the school bus, up into the lonely valley, around 3:45. I’d try and save myself for them.

One night the lucid bear dreams changed. In this newer, more potent dream I was walking a densely wooded hillside. Twin toddler dark haired boys started following me, but I vehemently refused them, even though they made it clear I was their mother. A faceless man appealed to my sympathies. “Stay with us,” he pleaded. I knew they were indigenous, of a different race. I was drawn in, reluctantly sympathetic. I said yes, I would stay. I looked into a mirror hanging on a wall. There I was…staring back at myself.

The fevers worsened. Earlier I had had a wisdom tooth surgically extracted from my maxillary sinus. The area was failing to heal with slow infection, and was now without a way to drain. But I didn’t know this. Oddly there was no pain…just the accelerating systemic fevers.

One afternoon as I lay on the sofa, exhausted and hot from fever, I fell into a deep trance. I felt myself going under but paralyzed, I had no power to stop what was happening. The man from the dream was there, this time dressed in ceremonial costume and wearing a feathered mask. He took me to the largest waterfall, a real place I obviously connected with. He bent me over the crest of the waterfall and raped me.


When I emerged from the trance I was numb, bloodless and ice cold. It took me long moments to regain my body heat despite the fever. This happened for two afternoons. What was happening to me? I begged the land to help me. Who else could I ask?

I heard that a Native American who lived in the nearest town was holding sweat lodges. He was also in relationship and being trained by a Native Elder from Canada. The Elder often visited this local man. It seemed my best course of action to make contact. I was completely out of my depth.

The local man accepted my request to participate in the sweat lodge ceremony. I was hesitant to be specific about my experiences and just told him I’d been dreaming of bears. The first lodge I attended was in 18 degree weather but inside was a womb of warmth. Shortly after the lodge began, I felt my now familiar ghost. I was helpless, gripping the ground as I began slowly growling like a bear.

Over time I became stronger. I began singing in the woods to the trees, on the long drive through the lonely valley to the grocery store. Never words. I’d find where the sound was coming from deep within me and send it out. I sang in the sweat lodges that I continued attending. I was singing my way home


When the Elder finally visited, I fasted ceremonially for three days, no food or water. I confided my story to him about the ghost spirit with all the details and asked for his help. I told him the twin boys had been in my dreams again. He had seen this spirit ghost around me. I could tell this spirit made him nervous. The conscientious Elder was wary but attentive. He would help me if he could. He would hold space for me during my fast.  Who else did I have who might understand? He told me he thought I might die.

Which surprised me. I thought this was pretty funny but I remained confident whatever happened would be for the best. During this fast a bear actually walked through camp and peed on our tents.

Life took a few turns and I stopped going to the sweat lodges. I’d learned what I’d needed to. At the time it seemed there was resolution of many things going on in my life and I didn’t see any more of the spirit ghost.

At the same time all this was transpiring, I was also experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder for a violent rape that had occurred years earlier, and the experience was now just catching up with me.  At the time I didn’t know what the condition was called, or even that it existed as a condition. The experience with my familiar ghost brought it all to the surface.

This wasn’t to be the end of my relationship with this ghost however. There was a reason why he seemed so familiar. I was to find out why when I learned about my past lives…the ones I brought back in with me to heal. The lives of unresolved traumatic experience.




Stephanie Brunia


Pedro Batista

Vladimir Dunjic


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It’s beginning to feel like I’m nailing a house together with two by fours when I’d rather be living in a backpacking tent.

I find that I’m growing increasingly suspect of “translating” verbatim what I learned while practicing Contemplative Resonance….at least in the way I’ve been going about it.

Honing words for clarity of meaning was essential when writing down what I was learning for memory’s sake … as I was learning it, but I’m becoming more comfortable and trusting sharing my personal experience. Not surprisingly, the practice of writing, and the feedback from, and dialogue with everyone who comments, is also broadening my understanding.

And so…

We were now towards the end of the real work of practicing and working in Contemplative Resonance. I was rarely given an introduction to what we were covering. I just “showed up” for work. So I was unaware we were including a sub atomic level of understanding. However, these seminal ideas slowly grew like a fungus, eventually decomposing almost every presupposed view I had of reality.


One particular aspect was touched on lightly the whole time, in many different situations.  I say “lightly touched on” because it is so fundamental to perceived reality. Once I clearly saw how integral the understanding is, it changed the way I viewed everything. Until then, even though I’d been viewing it in many different contexts, it may as well have been invisible.

Energy at the sub atomic level is self contained.

Why is this so radical? Because understanding the implications of this places human beings in equal context with the rest of organic life. We cease to be at the (self designated) center of organic reality.  When we place ourselves in the center, it is natural to believe that everything we perceive is unilateral and specifically about us…personally and/or collectively.

Energy may be self contained but awareness is holographic.

What we think and feel translates in a physical energetic velocity of frequency but the actual thoughts and feelings are self contained…..and of themselves, are irrelevant in resonant communication. We literally “embody” our thoughts and feelings. They are akin to property that we own personally and, as such, they are entirely our own responsibility for upkeep.



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I think that one of the difficulties in approaching the idea of reincarnation for Western minds is in the fantasies it engenders. We also have little mooring in our spiritual traditions to encompass it.

While working as an Intuitive, however, I was given the opportunity to see the relevant details of the past lives I carried into this life that, at that moment, were still influencing me. We must remember… in relationship with Divinity, existence is in the present moment. We are the ones who slide around in Time.

Regarding reincarnation consider this...we are who we are now because of who we have been. We embody our strengths. There is no need to remember experiences we have already encompassed.

Each past life I remembered entailed archetypal trauma that I had not resolved in the lifetimes when they occurred. Although the circumstances of their occurrence came as a surprise to me, their reality was as intimate and known to me as saliva or blood. I recognized the weight they gave to my considerations, my persuasions, my weaknesses, my fears.


Altering this depth of conditioning takes effort and I was assured that the first step is acknowledgement.

In this conscious act of acknowledging, I understood that asking forgiveness and forgiving is the initial path to reconciliation and wholeness.  It isn’t necessary to know the specific details. It is a process that unfolds uniquely for each of us.  It all happens here and now. What we bring to this moment has an effect on all of organic life.

Asking forgiveness was to life itself and any way that I had resisted, given up on, or diminished life in some way for myself or another. This is a wide category and it is not solely about the human community. There is no separation between what we do and the rest of organic life.

To forgive takes the understanding of the necessity to forgive. The spiritual assistance follows. But forgive who or what? How is it possible to forgive an unknown antagonist from some other lifetime totally divorced from anything real in this one?  It is not possible to understand the intricacies of life threatening circumstances that have effected us profoundly … but this unresolved suffering is recorded in our unconscious and weights our perception as we navigate through the intricacies of our day to day lives.

Over lifetimes we acquire many layers of suffering…many layers upon layers. When I personally fall prey to resistance, to negating thoughts or emotions, I am assured there is a layer I have still to acknowledge, even in territory I believe I have understood in depth. It is in this understanding where I find the grounding for courage and for healing.

I was told that forgiveness is the process to reconcile karma…that karma is not only the cause and effect balancing of actions that are perpetrated against others, but it also includes the unreconciled archetypal traumas experienced over lifetimes. It is not necessary to re-experience a trauma, nor is it possible or desirable to relive past traumatic experience in order to understand or to forgive others. The forgiveness necessary is ultimately and simply in our own hands.


We must forgive ourselves for carrying the weight of our suffering for so long.

Understanding this we can see that there is a difference between bearing witness to suffering and carrying it as a personal, empathetic unconscious weight.  When we empathetically reinforce our own personal wounds with each other, we stay in a human loop, reinforcing the wound of the world.

It’s not that much of a stretch then, to understand that when we personally heal, when we do the deep work, the brave work on ourselves… the world reciprocally heals.

Understanding and becoming the difference between empathy and compassion, we are free then to see and respond to the world, and our own life, as it presents itself.  No one can do this for us, despite our love of “saviors and heroes”. Our saviors and heroes can inspire us though, to make the journey, as they have, alone, into the mountain of our being. And there we find our heart, and we find that it is the heart of the world. 

The world is fragile right now. We all know this, but we are not helpless. For each of us has lived forever.

I have always been.

Through my own choice

I have carried stories

that have kept me in Time.

But I have always been.

I am

I am in relationship


All that Is



art credits:

Max Ernst

Karen L. Darling

Mark Rothko


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Sifting through the evidence



I’m coming to terms with acknowledging that I work as a mystic detective.

One aspect of my job as a mystic is to be cognizant of every insight I resonate with. Everything that occurs in my spiritual life is entered as substantial evidence to be pieced together into the whole. It is also to be weighed against all the religious/cultural images that I have stored in the library of my perception.

In a spiritual sense, I trust that in the continual balancing of every thought and emotion I experience, I’ll find what is relevant to shifting my active understanding of resonant relationship.

Since perception is physical, when I am physically effected by this balancing act, as I have been with this last bout of PTSD, it becomes obvious that something is burgeoning from the depths and I need to jump into the rapids of my being.

This time it was the image of Hell.

It took awhile to see this clearly. Finding and riding the currents I know ultimately this PTSD experience was not about the event itself, but about the memory of the mental and emotional processing I experienced because of it.

Also, preceding this physical manifestation, I was having intense resistance to discussing my understanding of the collective unconscious.  I knew these two things were related. So what does this have to do with Hell?

I don’t think I’ve ever believed in Hell, as a place or otherwise … even when schooled in it as a physical reality as an impressionable child.  I intellectually understand Hell as a cultural, religious and even a spiritual metaphor. But I have now found that the image of Hell as a place persisted in my consciousness.

One of my first mystical introductions to the memory of Light was visual. I saw myself in an enormous well encompassing the memory of all time. In another mystical experience when next I was introduced to the archetypes of the collective unconscious, I assumed I was in this same “well”. I didn’t equate this place with Hell. Hell isn’t consciously in my world view. But I did unknowingly equate this “well” as a place.

It’s been pointed out to me that my thought process is eccentric. I reference in circular patterning. Most people, so I’ve been told, reference in a more dot to dot fashion where their references are more obviously relative to each other.  I don’t know if this is actually true. But I’ve come to suspect that we all arrive at conclusions based on referencing what we already know. Consciously or unconsciously.

At any rate, it has become clear to me now that my difficulties in practicing Contemplative Resonance have been, for the most part, due to my association of the collective unconscious as a place. In some way I assumed I was being assisted in going to this place of unresolved suffering in order to explore its parameters.

In attempting to understand an alternate way of perceiving reality, as a mystic, there aren’t really any guidelines or maps except trust. Trust that my body informs me of everything I need to know. Trust that I am, as is everyone and everything on this planet, in resonant relationship with a loving Divine and natural order. Trusting that we are so connected to each other that we are well into the process of figuring this out … of becoming this reality … each in our own unique way.

The Well of unresolved suffering is not a place.

It is a frequency



Artist: Adolf Wolfli


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